2019 – A message from the CNC

The Elyne Mitchell Writing Awards have been running since 2008.  As patron of the Awards, Honor has been assisted over the years by a large number of volunteers both locally and across the country, including the Corryong Friends of the Library and, since 2015, the Corryong Neighbourhood Centre.

We have really valued and enjoyed being part of the Awards but due to increasing demands on our core business activities, we are unable to provide the level of support and commitment needed for the Awards to thrive.  Honor is looking into options to introduce new categories, to increase the participation of young people and to align the Awards with other local and regional events.

The CNC will continue to produce the back copies of the shortlisted stories and will always promote & support the Awards.  We look forward to seeing the Awards evolve and grow in the future.

2019 – Shortlisted Stories Available


Books of shortlisted stories from 2019 & previous years are available.

$15 per book (plus $3 postage per package)

Phone the CNC on 02 60762176 or email sara@corryongnc.org to place your order.

Payment can be made via phone, credit card or EFT

2019 – September Newsletter

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2019 – August Newsletter

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2019 – Students Encouraged to Enter

The Corryong Neighbourhood Centre will subsidise entries of students through the “Engage!” funding so that they only have to pay $5

Students are encouraged to enter the Snowy Hydro Category and will be in the running for the $500 cash prize. As there is not yet a student category, there will also be bonus prizes up for grabs for entrants under 18.

It is really important that students state their age when entering.

By Rod Macdonald

2019 – June Newsletter & Presentation Event

Looking for inspiration? Or want to know of other upcoming writing events?

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-Including information about the 2019 awards presentation event.

2019 – Other Writing competitions & Opportunities

The Ballarat Writers have a fantastic website featuring several other competitions and writing opportunities. Be sure to take a look!

Click HERE for other writing competition & opportunities.

2019 – Newsletter

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The Elyne Mitchell Writing Award will be sharing an occasional newsletter.

If you’d like to receive newsletters and other updates from us, please email admin@corryongnc.org and let us know that you’d like to be on our contact list.

2018 – Shortlisted Stories Available

Books of shortlisted stories from previous years are available.

$15 per book (plus $3 postage per package)

Phone the CNC on 02 60762176 or email sara@corryongnc.org to place your order.  Payment can be made via phone, credit card or EFT

2019 –  Photos Story Competition

Rather than a local photography competition, the 2019 awards will include an open photo story competition.

Submit an image referencing an Australasian rural experience accompanied by approximately 100 words on what the photo means to you.

2018 – Photography Competition & Expanding the term ‘Local.’

For this Special Anniversary year, we are introducing a local photography competition.

• Open to residents of Towong, Snowy Valleys, Indigo, Wodonga and Albury Shires.

• Send us your favourite shot referencing an Australasian rural experience and the 2018 Awards theme – ‘Reach for the Stars – Strive for Excellence’.

• $5 per entry. Over $150 worth of Camera House vouchers to be won!

In addition to the photography competition, the Writing Awards have welcomed Wodonga and Albury residents to enter the local category.

2018 – The Chauvel Foundation

In this anniversary year, we also invite you to support the Chauvel Foundation which aims to honour the memory of Elyne Mitchell’s father, General Sir Harry Chauvel. You could make a contribution to their online Light Horse anthology.


Commemorating General Sir Harry Chauvel: a humble hero and commander who devoted his life to the service of Australia and the development of its defence forces.


2016 – Changing of the Guard

The Friends of the Corryong Library (FOCL) who have successfully run the Elyne Mitchell Writing Awards for many years have stepped away from their role in 2016.

Corryong Neighbourhood Centre

Unfortunately, their group of hard working volunteers are no longer able to meet the demands of the Award administration. We thank them for the work they have done over the years.

The Corryong Neighbourhood Centre (CNC), who worked with the FOCL on the 2015 Awards, has now taken over as administrator. The CNC is involved in developing, supporting and running many events and activities in the Upper Murray and is committed to raising the profile of the Awards and making sure it is a viable and sustainable event for many years to come.

Sue Briskey

Sue Briskey

We are delighted to welcome Sue Briskey to the Awards in 2016. Sue is a literary agent with a background in bookselling and publishing who recently moved to the Upper Murray and has generously taken up the mantle of becoming the co-ordinator of the Elyne Mitchell Writing Awards from 2016.

Honor Auckinleck

Elyne Mitchell’s daughter and author, Honor Auchinleck, continues to offer her time and invaluable experience and expertise as the patron of the Awards.

2016 – Broadening the Scope

With the 2015 open category winner returning to her New Zealand home, we have made the decision to extend the reach of the Awards and invite writers from across the Tasman to share their stories.

Entries are now required to be “Up to 2500 words referencing an Australasian rural experience”.

2016 – Judging

We endeavour to choose our judging panel from diverse backgrounds, ages and experiences. Some are new to the Awards and some have judged before. We have decided to keep the identity of the judges anonymous to ensure they can be fair and open in their assessment of all entries. The number of judges required depends on the number of entries received. As volunteers with busy lives, we feel it is unreasonable for any one judge to have to initially assess more than 35 entries.

In 2015 a new judging format was trialled. Based on the analysis of and feedback from the 2015 process the judging from 2016 onward will be:

  • All entries initially assessed by 3 randomly selected judges.
  • Local entries initially judged together with open category entries.
  • Judges will be asked to identify entries they think should be shortlisted, including at least one local entry in their selection (rather than a specific number of shortlisted entries in each category).
  • Shortlisted entries for the open and local categories will be sent to all the judges.
  • Shortlisted entries will be scored out of 100 by each judge with the highest overall score in each category being the winner.