SAM’S BIG GAME  by Kasey Symons

Kasey Symons

Kasey grew up in Mildura, Victoria before moving to Melbourne to attend university and pursue her dream of sport writing. She has worked within the AFL landscape in various roles for over six years including marketing and PR as well as social media game day coverage and match report writing. Kasey is also still pursuing academic goals and is currently completing her PhD at Victoria University. Her work focuses on gender performativity in female fans of elite male sports.

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LOST AND FOUND by Dixie Coutts

Dixie Coutts

Dixie Coutts was born in the Upper Murray. With her husband, she has been living and working on the family farm since the death of her father in 1997. She was an English teacher for 31 years. Since retirement, she has devoted her time to family, farm, gardening, reading and writing and trying to play golf.

Dixie’s writing is inspired by her love of the land and interest in relationships.

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EMAN’S APPLE by Roni O’Brien

Roni O'Brien

Roni O’Brien is a reformed Fairfax journalist who now lives beside the Murray River because somebody has to keep a watch on the state border. She shifts between studying law, writing her satirical crime novel and trying to convince her local community to refer to her as, “Your Highness”. She is much more fascinating online than in real life.

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