From an author…. As an entrant to this year’s Elyne Mitchell Writing Award it’s really heartening to be given such a clear picture of the judging process. This is something rarely shared, I find. As a writer it makes me feel my work, along with that of all my fellow entrants, will be given thorough, fair and due consideration.

From a judge… as ever, a really enjoyable experience, and some really stand out stories.

And another…I have sincerely agonised over the marking of these stories, but I did print all of them out and have read each entry at least 3 times to be sure that I’ve been as fair as I can be. The top 6 or 8 are very good and there is little separating them

And another… Thanks for choosing me as a judge.  I enjoyed reading the stories and found some real gems among them…the best start and end well, having told an amusing tale…there is a wealth of writing talent out there.


Some, but not all judges made additional comments or critiques.  Authors can email us if they want more feedback on their entries and I will happily pass on what was provided.